The Company

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Who We Are


Orion Pools has been in the pool remodeling business since 1999.


The owner, Rob Edgar, has over 20 years experience in the pool remodeling business. 


He has put together a team of dedicated employees that are experienced in all phases of pool remodeling. 

Mission Statement

Superior Service and Customer Satisfaction, these are the driving forces that keep us in business.


Orion Pools is licensed, bonded and insured.

License numbers: 
    146023 Residential B-5
    165460 Commercial A-9 

Check out our track record with the Registrar of Contractors:



Orion Pools and Spas prides itself on jobsite cleanliness.



We use the very best available materials and application techniques. Years of trial and error has led to the discovery of the materials that work the best and last the longest.


There is no high pressure sales. Just answers to your questions and discussion of options and prices.


We specialize in pool remodeling and repair.


Licenced to do any type of pool remodel or repair not just resurfacing like many plastering companies.


Reasonable prices. A quality job at a fair price.


Qualified and experienced craftmen. Most of the crew has been working with Orion for five to ten years.


The Owner of Orion Pools and Spas (Rob Edgar) has a wide range of knowledge and experience in the pool industry.


Stellar record with the Registrar of Contractors. The few problems and issues that arise are taken care of quickly.


Great communication. Customers are notified of any important issues and changes in schedule. The owner of Orion Pools and Spas is available to answer any questions.


An honest and reliable company.


A small company, that means that you won't get lost in the cracks and you won't get the run around. One simple call to the owner gets your question answered.




All jobs are overseen by the owner of Orion Pools and Spas. 

















A typical company sends a high pressure salesman out to try to sell you something you don't want, then you don't see or hear from him/her again until the job is done and then he/she shows up to collect. With Orion Pools and Spas the estimator shows up to give you an estimate and discuss options. He stays involved with the entire project and is personally there on plaster day (the most important part of the process) and doesn't collect final payment until the customer is happy.




Adjusting the alkalinity to between 80 and 120 ppm makes balancing the pH much easier and prevents problems with the plaster, thus extending the life of your plaster. If the alkalinity is below 80 ppm add a small amount of pH buffer (sodium bicarbonate) daily until it reads above 80 ppm. If the alkalinity is above 120 ppm add one quart (4 ounces for spas) of hydrochloric or muriatic acid per day, with the equipment running, until the reading is below 120 ppm. Low alkalinity causes copper sulfate staining, premature breakdown of the plaster and can corrode equipment parts. High alkalinity causes calcium scale to form on pool surface which causes a stained and rough surface. Once the alkalinity has been brought into balance you should check and adjust it, if necessary, once a month.